“Neil, you can use the girls’ shower while we’re busy.” Neil stared at her. “What?” Dan frowned at him, so Matt explained. “There aren’t stalls here.” Neil had noticed, but he hadn’t thought his teammates would. That they had, and that they were doing something about it, knocked the wind out of him. He tried to answer, but he didn’t know what to say. The best he managed was, “Is that really okay?” “Kid, you’re killing me,” Nicky said. “Why do you always get that deer-in-headlights look when someone does something nice for you?” ― Nora Sakavic, The Raven King

“I can’t.” It was too ragged and too honest, but Neil couldn’t help it. If he didn’t get rid of that phone he was going to be sick. “Nicky, I—” “Okay, okay,” Nicky said, taking Neil’s hand in both of his. “We’ll figure it out.” Neil thought he’d feel better when Nicky had the phone, but the overwhelming sense of loss still knotted up his lungs. He tugged his hand free and took the bags of clothes Nicky had hooked over his arm. He didn’t have to ask for the keys. Andrew pilfered them from Nicky’s pocket and held them up in offering. Neil grabbed them, but Andrew held on for a moment. Andrew leaned forward on his perch and smiled at Neil. “Hey, Neil. Honesty looks awful on you.” ― Nora Sakavic, The Raven King