“What is the point in living if you’re just gonna be negative minded and dwell on your problems 24/7? You accomplish nothing but wasting the precious time you have here on hating and sulking. I’m not telling you to kill yourself, it’s not like that. I’m just saying I don’t see a point in being on this Earth if I’m just gonna miserable and negative about everything. Our own existence is a temporary gift. Make the best out of things and enjoy the life you have while you can, otherwise you’re being a general waste of space. That’s how I feel at least.” ― Dylan McManus

“If you think the world is full of darkness, let us see your light. If you think the world is full of wickedness, let us see your goodness. If you think people are acting wrongly, let us see your right action. If you think people don’t know, let us see what you know. If you think the world is full of uncaring people let us see how you care about people. If you think life is not being fair to you, let us see how you can be fair to life. If you think people are proud, let us see your humility. We can easily find fault and we can easily see what is wrong but a positive attitude backed by a right action in a true direction is all we need to survive in peace and harmony in the arena of life” ― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah