“I find myself at peace with who I am as I realize I am one with the intention that underwrites the universe. This intention is Love. As Love is ultimately the only reality. And as Love is source, it is love who I truly am. I am its child. And love is my home. So I am love. And I am loved. And I love all. And as such I embody all that is Love without condition. As I was created in its image. I am therefore unconditional love. I am understanding. I am forgiveness. I am compassion. I am patience. I am kindness. I am healing. I am joy. I am playfulness. I am happiness. I am goodness. I am harmony. I am peace. And all that what matters to me. Let these then also be my blessings for all. As all is love and all are loved. So be it. So it is. It is done. Love, as all is, as it always is.” ― Wald Wassermann