“I failed down when no one was around,I stood up to find next road to going on,My God hold my hand when I was alone,I still remember that lonely dark nights,Scary doors & walls were the only support of mine,Couple of lizards had given me good company,That darkness finished my every fear,That loneliness taught me how to fight,My idiot mind was wondering for kind words,I was hearing the echoes of my imagination,Treatment shown me my value in society,My ignorance added an importance of this life,My passion disappeared like a heavy storm,My determination loosens my mind bond,My own darkness made me the worst person,People scolded me for to blame it for others,While being a sensible I was running behind insanity,I was trying to touch one stubborn spirituality,One day I asked to me why I can’t leave my emotions,But this heart is not willing to relieve it out,In this life I kept everything behind,Why I can’t do the same at this time,That God give me hand to help me in this,He told me that baby no one cares for us in deep,I made you, believe in me, I’ll never put you down,You just stand up on your feet & walk with me,So what if you see one shadow in mirror at dark night,Close your eyes & remember my face when you need love lines,So what if you don’t have habit to open up with everyone,You can always share your feelings with your lord,So what if no one has remained trust on you,You are the one on whom I always keep it all alone,So what If no one wants to talk with you,I gave one paper to send me a letter to give,So what if people don’t want to understand you,I have given you uni-directional power to pursue,Don’t think on insult & argument with your people,They had just done their duties by being sensible,You have a kind heart to not hurt anyone,So don’t disturb them who never needed you,See the love of your mother, father, brother & husband,You will get the meaning of life with all of these people,Give thanks to those who brought out you here,Always act in integrity who had given you chances,Be satisfy in what you get & artily live this life in smile,Always appreciate those who are growing like a tree,Never expect anything from the society for your mean,Let go the matters which you didn’t fit in with,Accept everything whether it is positive or negative…………” ― Sonal Takalkar