“Xavier: I swore long ago that I would see no more X-men die. If Magneto’s is the only means to that end…then so be it.Scott: I won’t accept that, Charles. Granted, times are tough for us and they’ll probably get a lot worse. Granted, we probably could conquer the world–though the cost in blood would be staggering. But don’t you see-either of you- we’re human, too! A different branch, perhaps, but the same basic tree! Such a fundamental shift in attitude can’t be imposed-to have any meaning, it must grow from within. You brought us together to fulfill a dream, Charles- one born out of hope and the noblest of human aspirations- and we’ve sweated and bled, and some of us have died, to make it a reality. I’m not prepared to give up. The means are as important as the ends- we have to do this right or not at all. Anything less negates every belief we’ve ever had, every sacrifice we’ve ever made.” ― Chris Claremont, The Uncanny X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills