“Writing is mental exercise and the preeminent method to train the mind to achieve a desirable state of mental quietude. Meditative writing, a single pointed concentration of mental activity, induces an altered state of consciousness. Writing is studious rumination, a means to converse with our personal muse. Writing entails a period of forced solitude that enables us to meet and conduct a searching conversation with our authentic self. This contemplative dialogue with our true self is transformational. Writing is not a mere act but a journey of the mind into heretofore-unknown frontiers of the self.” ― Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

“Chimes at the Edge of Hearing (2011)Chimes in the heavens sound so fine,Whither does it go; how it chimes the time.Tumultuous river of colored tinselly sounds,Their music brasses forth, it has no bounds.Tinkle clackle tinke koo,How infinite the melody with notes so few.Chimes clanging silent at the edge of hearing,Does it not sound so jingly and endearing?Klankle ping chinkle cree,Quite the sound of discordant harmony.Pakkle kikkle ringly kat,Chimes echo out; they drift cackling back.A cacophony of clingles, pims and tinkle-ets,Chimes shinkle loud at the crescendo of their octets.Pakickle tamtankle jjingling kites,They fly into darkness on the clatter of midnight.Chimes symphonic at the coming black storm,Upon the shrieks their shimmering rrrings are born.Sounds and silences; the glistening chimes adorn,Haunting images of sounds so distant and forlorned.Cymbal they together; the sound of crackly glass,They remind of the times and rattles of the past.Metals on metals trinklelink clapping down the time,Their clittering rhythms broke, raw and refined.Concerto of jangles jinkles and dings,See their sound, how pleasant they dream.Off they go, winds klickle on smooth breeze,And chinkle and pinkle through my melodic tree.dlaurent” ― douglas laurent