“Compassion and communication are both incredibly important in relationships, but most of us use these at the wrong time. If we communicate, it’s only in times of conflict, allowing repressed emotions and unsaid worries form into their worst phrasings. If we show compassion, it’s only in good times, when we’re feeling good about one another and don’t feel triggered or attacked. What if we changed our approach? What if we showed compassion in conflict—taking the time to listen, understand, help each other release pent-up emotions? And what if we communicated in good times—taking the time to talk about patterns we fall into, triggers we both have, and how we can work together to break our cycles? Then, we would stop helplessly dancing the same old tango of mutual misunderstanding. Then, we could work on giving one another room to feel, to love, and to grow.” ― Vironika Tugaleva